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What Is The Quality of Your Traffic?

Targeted Traffic OnlineThe quality of your traffic matters, and it always will. With quality traffic comes sales. If you are buying 1,000 visits and converting only one sale, then why are the other visitors leaving? Why did the other visitors bother to come to you? What is the quality of your traffic?


Imagine having 1,000 visitors lined up at your jewelry store each day to buy a watch, a ring or a bracelet. That is exactly what TARGETED TRAFFIC is all about; that is what we mean by "Type-in Traffic", or direct navigation.


T.R.A.F.F.I.C. is about identifying your target audience and about determining the how your domain investment porfolio fits that goal. The ONLY major difference between those making money on the 'net and those that are not is the TRAFFIC THEY ARE BUYING. It comes down to whether have to pay for that traffic every month, like a magazine ad, or whether they had the foresight to buy the magazine and advertise free forever.


  • • What is the cost of acquiring a new customer?
  • • How many visitors must you get to close a sale?
  • • If you can close 1 in 1000 what are you doing with the 999 visitors that don't make a purchase?
  • • Why are they leaving?
  • • Would you accept that figure in your real world store?
  • • Why would you accept it online?
  • • Why do think there is a difference?
  • • Can your website function without human intervention?
  • • Is "Stickiness" the reason for so many dot-com failures?
  • • Have you been paying attention?


It's very crowded out there. What are you doing to stand over your competition? To stand out? Your domain name is your #1 asset going forward. More important than your phone number is your website address. It has to be distinct and memorable. It must convey a message. It must do a lot. Location, Location, Location has never been this important. If you are paying $200k for a 30 second spot, shouldn't you make it easy for folks to remember and find you when they need you? Having a definitive and generic domain name is a powerful message and instant credibility. Would you buy the entire category heading in the yellow pages? You may like to, but you can't. With domains, you can OWN a market. Own a category.


If you sell Candy shouldn't YOU be Candy.com? Sell books, why not be Books.com? Sell flowers, why not be Flowers.com? If you won't, your competition will and you will never recover. Define yourself, or be defined by your competition. As an End User, you must get in the game now or you will not have the same opportunity when you figure it out. The game has changed.


Companies spend between $50,000 and $100,000 per month on Google advertising, and when they do so, they depend upon Google's own "quality engine" to determine their advertising rank, their sales position, whether they are relevant or not and so many other ranking factors. With the right domain name, you have the relevance! You have the right position! You don't need the Googles chasing irrelevant Yahoos to your domain, because you have the right name. What is amazing is that so many companies are still unwilling to see the value of a quality domain name! Why would you spend between $600,000 and $1.2-million per year on advertising when the right name can bring volumes more traffic, and without the alleged "quality filters" of the search engines?

TRAFFIC Domain Conference and Expo

T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Domain Conference & Expo