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TRAFFIC Schedule 2011




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It's Go Time! The first full day of T.R.A.F.F.I.C. is underway.


NOTICE! To sign up to bid on domains, via telephone, → SEND A FORM

SPEED NETWORKING: You MUST register for Speed Networking! → REGISTER



Power Walk along the Beach Walk.


Join local Fitness and Nutrition Expert, Cindy Ruccolo, as seen on NBC 6, for a Power Walk on beautiful Ft Lauderdale Beach.

Bring water, a towel and wear comfortable workout clothes.

Meet at the front door of the lobby facing the ocean right outside the restaurant.

T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Power Brunch in the Banquet Room


The most lavish feast a domainer has ever seen to celebrate two days of hard work and opportunity to come. Breaking bread with like minded folks looking to accomplish big things is one of the secrets behind what we do.

Orange, Grapefruit, Cranberry Juices ␣
Sliced Seasonal Fruit, Berries ␣
Assorted Individual Yogurts

Eggs Benedict Station
Traditional Eggs Benedict,
Poached Eggs, Canadian Ham, English Muffins, Hollandaise ␣

Smoked Salmon Benedict,
Poached Eggs, Smoked Salmon, English Muffins, Dill Hollandaise

Scrambled Eggs,
Hand Shaved White Cheddar Cheese, Wild Mushrooms

Thick Cut Smoked Bacon, Country Chicken Apple Sausage,

Breakfast Potatoes ␣ Assorted Breakfast Bakeries, Artisan Toast, Preserves, French Style Butter ␣

Freshly Brewed Coffee, Decaffeinated Coffee, The Ritz-Carlton Selection of Teas

Steel Cut Oatmeal,
Brown Sugar, Mixed Berries, Syrup

Location: Ritz Carlton Banquet Ballroom

Opening remarks by Rick and Howard in the Banquet Room

After a year of planning this show, Rick Schwartz and Howard Neu take the stage to tell you what they really think and what has happened over the year. Plus their views of what will be happening in the next year or two, as they see it.

What was said last year as theory and is not fact will be discussed in a way that could only be done on this stage without regard to the politics of business but rather the reality of business and what the future holds for all of us.

Then we get out of the way and allow you to make BIG things happen. Things that you could only do at TRAFFIC because we all have skin in the game.

Location: Ritz Carlton Banquet Ballroom

Presenting T.R.A.F.F.I.C.'.s New App for iPhone and Android platforms that will help you make more money!

Howard and I just look for way to add value for attendees and the Industry overall. We are excited that you will be at the LAUNCH of our new app. While there is an annual fee to use this app, attendees at TRAFFIC will get the first YEAR for FREE!

During that year we will expand the app to give you all the critical info you need to do business on the run. Just another dimension that we hope will be very valuable to you as we move into the future.

Presentation by Josh Metnick from

Location: Ritz Carlton Banquet Ballroom

Keynote Address: Bill Karamouzis of Hallpass Media in the Banquet Room


The Founder of Hallpass Media, Bill Karamouzis, takes center stage at T.R.A.F.F.I.C. to deliver the keynote address this year.

Better known to some as Bill Kara, the founder of Hallpass is known for selling online game portal to Hearst Media in 2005, the same year he sold to Viacom.

The most unbelievable sale, at least from the domain industry standpoint, of Bill Karamouzis' online career happened in early 2010, when he sold for a reported $350,000.

Bill shares his experience learning development, domaining and tells us how to build an online empire in a niche market!

Location: Ritz Carlton Banquet Ballroom

Exhibits Open

Exhibit Booths Officially Open. However we invite Exhibitors to man their booths anytime from 9AM-6PM

From Here to Eternity. The Impact of gTLD's


We examine the future of the domain industry in an ever-changing world. With perhaps thousands of new gTLD's coming to market over the next decade what does that mean to you? What does it mean for other extensions? Why is so much money coming into this sector? These will just be a few issues touched on. More TBA.

Mike Berkens, & Monte Cahn from
Tim Schumacher from
Jothan Frakes
Peter Dengate Thrush, Former Chairman of the Board ICANN 2007-2011. Now Executive Chairman Mind and Machines

Location: Ritz Seminar Hall

Scott Cleland, of Precursor LLC and contributor to discusses the dark side of Google.


Scott Cleland may be the leading expert on abuses by Google in the world today. He has written multiple articles for Precursor LLC, some of which have landed on and even a book on the subject. He will then join our 1PM panel that will continue the conversation he starts.

Scott writes about Internet competition and threats to tech capitalism (economic regulation, property infringement, and harmful industry behavior and misrepresentation.)

Cleland is President of Precursor® LLC, a Fortune 500 research consultancy focused on the future of Internet competition, privacy, security, property rights, innovation and algorithmic markets.

Scott Cleland is author of the book: “Search & Destroy: Why You Can't Trust Google Inc.”

Cleland also authors the widely-read; publishes; and serves as Chairman of, a pro-competition e-forum supported by broadband interests.

Eight Congressional subcommittees have sought Cleland’s expert testimony and Institutional Investor twice ranked him the #1 independent telecom analyst in the U.S. when he was working for institutional investors. See a full bio at

Location: Ritz Seminar Hall

Barbarians at our Gates. Does Google and Yahoo! truly understand traffic and intent of the User


This is the panel folks like Google and Yahoo should be paying attention to. It is THEIR own customers that are getting hosed and it is many millions of dollars we are talking about. Many will argue these companies just don't care because they seem to refuse to invest the time and resources to truly understand the problem. They can't isolate it so they do everyone a disservice with "Broad Brush" decisions and policies that don't even fix, address or solve the real problem. Not CARING if your customer closes the sale IS your problem. Not CARING if your customer receives impotent traffic IS your problem. Lumping all domain traffic together IS your problem. It is all of our problem.

Fraudsters are attacking the gates of the industry with garbage traffic, false identities and even attempting to purchase parking accounts. Some of these people are now attempting to steal the identity of upright good domain owners that have consistently done the right thing over the years. The criminals are moving from impacting our bottom line to stealing who we are! Hear about some of the behind the scenes war-stories of what it’s like to fend off the underbelly of the domain industry and how individually we need to defend the gates of our industry to ensure its long-term success.

Who is Behind The Type In and What are They Looking For? Why is Google and Yahoo paying the same for "Synthetic" traffic as they do for productive traffic? Does anyone care about the intention of the user? Does anyone even care if there is a user?

Hear from the guys that really know their stuff. Over the years there has consistently been a core of domain owners and industry experts that have fought for the benefit of the industry. Some of the best will share their views on the future of domaining and why they believe that it has a very bright future. These guys have a reputation of backing up their statements with hard cold data and don’t pull any punches.

Scott Cleland - Precursor LLC and contributor to
Frank Schilling -
Adam Dicker –
Michael Gilmour –
Tim Schumacher: CEO, Sedo
Rick Schwartz – T.R.A.F.F.I.C.

Location: Ritz Seminar Hall



Modeled after ABC's "Shark Tank" and other such shows from around the world. The chance for investors to meet entrepreneurs. if you have an idea for a solid business or your business is already going, and you need venture capital, our panel of investing experts is ready to listen to your pitch!

Our Panel of Sharks Include:

Roy Messer
Dr. Chris Hartnett
Michael Mann
Gregg McNair
Adam Dicker

Location: Ritz Seminar Hall

TEST TRACK Sandwich/Coffee Break


A few minutes to catch your breath grab a bite before the TEST TRACK action begins!

Latin Break
Lobster Sliders
Yucca Chips,
Mango Relish ␣
Mini Cuban Sandwiches, Yucca Chips ␣
Churros, Warm Chocolate Sauce ␣
Aguas de Frutas
Coffee, Beverages etc.

Development Workshop. gTld, .Com, .XXX. Does it Matter without the IDEA?


Stuart Lawley and Frank Schilling Discuss the New .XXX extension and the new opportunities that are likely to come. This little chat between 2 Titans of our business is worth the price of admission all by itself.

Not a .xxx fan? See why Frank is. Let Stuart tell you about the special plans and opportunities that will become available if you choose and why .xxx could become the bridge to mainstream advertising dollars.

This is about BUSINESS not about SEX!! This is about Dollars and Cents, Not T&A. That is what domainers need to know. So as they say...."Let's be Adult About it"

Stuart Lawley
Frank Schilling

Location: Ritz Seminar Hall

Speed networking, T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Style! Ritz Seminar Hall. ADVANCE SIGN UP REQUIRED!


You spoke, we listened. Meet folks early and make the most of TRAFFIC. With our special session software you meet the folks YOU want to meet the most. Just ask about last years's speed networking event. Stay tuned for details on how to participate BEFORE the show even starts!

Doors Close at 5:25PM and Open at 6:30PM. Nobody can enter or leave during this time period. Advance Sign Up is REQUIRED!

Location: Ritz Seminar Hall

Relax & enjoy the Hotel, the Beach, the Bars and the Restaurants

The Ritz Carlton Hotel is smack dab, right in the middle of all the action. Dozens and dozens of places, attractions and restaurants to walk to or enjoy the bar downstairs or one of the 50 in the immediate area. Right on the sand. This hotel is magnificent and you will treasure every moment and you will look forward to the years ahead.

The famous T.R.A.F.F.I.C. party!!! This year Sponsored by the ICM Registry. The .XXX Folks! Let's Be Adult About it

Each year our TRAFFIC Party has just gotten better and more memorable. Last Year it was the .CO party at the Versace Mansion that is still being talked about.

This year will be another party that will also surpass anything we have done before and Sponsored by the ICM Registry and the .XXX TLD. Guaranteed to be a Crowd Pleaser!!

There will be loads of food and plenty to drink to go along with entertainment and music,

This is going to be a classy party with NO NUDITY. So please know the folks at .xxx are business people looking to do business with domain names with a new .xxx extension.

TRAFFIC will not lower our standards and your family will be able to attend with full confidence.

Will there be some very pretty girls there? You betcha!

Location: We'll get you there.




TRAFFIC Domain Conference and Expo

T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Domain Conference & Expo