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Below are just a few of the many unsolicited testimonials the T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Conference has received.

These are not the normal type testimonials. You can see an added dimension to their comments.


Michael Gilmour, MRG Asset Trust
Michael Gilmour

Hi all,


After 31 hours traveling back home to Australia from Traffic East....what's the first thing I did? Jump on this board of course! The traveling there and back was absolutely worth it!


What a GREAT event! Many thanks to Rick and Howard for organizing the show.

Monte Cahn, Founder/CEO,
Monte Cahn

Rick & Howard,


We just want to thank you again for the opportunity of participating in TRAFFIC this year. I hope that both our financial contribution and presence helped to make this event a success. I know that our invited guests that definitely felt it was worth the trip and we all look forward to next year.


We particularly found the conference beneficial in just meeting many of our own customers for the first time and networking with others The seminars and panel discussions along with the companies, pioneers, and industry folk that do deals and meet each other is worth tens of thousands of dollars to many on its own..


You do have our commitment for next year to sponsor and participate in TRAFFIC 2005.


Hats off to you both!

Ron Jackson,
Ron Jackson

We are so lucky to have a place in the small brother/sisterhood that is the domain space. I can't imagine a group in any industry with more brilliant/successful people who despite their talents and accomplishments have kept their feet planted firmly on the ground. You are such a joy to be around! Just an awesome job that will produce far ranging benefits that the attendees will see for years to come.

Adam Dicker, CEO, Domain Consulting Group Ltd.
Adam Dicker

It’s the only show I go to and the only show I will ever recommend.

Lonnie Borck,
Lonnie Borck

Rick and Howard,


I want to thank you both for a great week in Orlando. I had a blast. I brought my wife and kids along and they had an amazing time. You guys are a class act. The kosher food was great and the networking was better than any other traffic I've been to.


Also, I wanted to thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak on a panel. It was great to be able to share some of my passion for this business with everyone. I hope I can be more involved in future shows.

Bruce Matthews, Tiger Direct, Inc.



Thanks much for putting this show on. As the current owner of "", it is very evident that your show attracts the right audience.


Once again, thanks. If you ever need any computer related products for your companies or shows, please let me know. I will ensure the best deals for you.

Alan Hack, Names Plus Marketing

Rick and Howard,


Thanks again for another great TRAFFIC conference. When you say Business is done at Traffic, you really mean it! I have 35 action items to follow up on directly coming out of the conference.


Whenever I go to a TRAFFIC conference I arrive with 3 things in mind.


1) Increase my contact base.

2) Increase my knowledge base.

3) Increase the value of my portfolio and those I represent.


All 3 of these goals were accomplished and more!!


Thanks so much for gathering great people together who are committed to assisting one another in our individual success as well as the success of our industry. That’s why I always come to TRAFFIC!!

Lori Anne Wardi, Washington VC
Lori Anne Wardi

Hi Gentlemen,


I want to congratulate you on yet another spectacular conference...


I'd say it was the best one I've ever attended to date -- and that's saying alot!

Kevin Wood,

It was my first show...and it lived up to all I ever heard about .....


You guys are the BEST!

Chris Sivertsen, Domain

We are well traveled at the ADTECH, SES, Webmaster World etc. conferences, all of which have varying degress of relevancy to domain traffic monetization.


The high density and quality of TRAFFIC attendees makes it possible to literally pinball through a 2 hour happy hour and via a quick chat, find many good ideas to follow-up on in the coming weeks/months.


TRAFFIC was the single most productive event they have EVER gone to. We did a year's worth of business in just 3 days.

Seth Coman, Modern Domainer Magazine

Rick and Howard-


I just wanted to let both of you know how great a time we had at the show last week in Disneyworld. As usual, the conference provided excellent networking opportunities, coupled with some top-notch fun at the parties.


Both of your wives were extremely helpful and made us feel very welcome, as usual. Every TRAFFIC event has been special for us- and this past event was just as beneficial for us as any in the past. We're always looking forward to the next TRAFFIC conference.

Eytan Elbaz,
Eytan Elbaz

Hi Rick,


Thanks again for having us present at the TRAFFIC West show.

We really felt very welcomed by the participants, and got a tremendous amount of positive feedback. As you promise to make the show bigger and better, I'll do what I can to make Google increasingly present as well.

Ron Sheridan,

The most significant event (again) was the T.R.A.F.F.I.C. conference in Delray Beach, Florida in October.

Nat Cohen, Telepathy, Inc.

The panels were top-notch, filled with high caliber people with clear insights into the industry. The presentation by Andrew and Zappy had the WOW factor of seeing the success that comes from guys who know how to think big and can execute successfully on that vision. The conference was also a chance to meet with the parking providers and brokers, strengthen those relationships, and explore new opportunities. My main regret is that I wasn't able to stay for the industry's first live auction, which sounds like a blast. Next time.

David Jameson, Dotster, Inc.



What a fantastic event. I'm glad I chose to go. Glad I got to meet you. I was very impressed with the entire event, the people, the knowledge and the networking... it was great. Plus best meals I've had in a long time, thought I was on a cruise ship.

Josh Myers, Yahoo!

Thanks for a great conference. Very well done.

Sahar Sarid, Recall Media Group
Sahar Sarid

TRAFFIC's greatness is in bringing key people together. It is exclusive no doubt. It isn't open to everyone, nor cheap, as in order to create the level of attendees Rick has created he must decline some "noise" and he must charge more then what a casual domainer would feel comfortable paying.


TRAFFIC isn't for the average domainer, it's for real professionals, highest integrity and business ethics - the best of the best; it's a total TREAT.

Alan Hack, Names Plus Marketing

I will definitely be in Vegas and look forward to more great shows.You guys do a great job and well worth the small financial investment to be there. I am a big believer in the power of networking and great ideas. Both are prevalent at the TRAFFIC shows. This was my fifth show in a row and each time I take my business to the next level.


Thanks again and I look forward to seeing you in Vegas.

Chris Sheridan, Senior Acct. Manager, Verisign NDS

I just wanted to say Thank You for putting on a great conference in Florida. I really enjoyed the sessions and all the networking opportunities. This had to be one of the most productive conferences I have attended in a long time.

Brian Null,

Just over 6 years ago I walked out the front door of Corporate America, drove to my house, went inside and walked down into my basement to take my run at the brass ring, via the Internet.


It took Rick and Howard putting together the TRAFFIC shows to finally drag me back out of my basement. TRAFFIC West was life changing for me. And I'll be damned if TRAFFIC East didn't TOP IT. It was a phenomenal week on all fronts; business, social, accommodations, atmosphere, et al.


THANK YOU Rick and Howard

Michael Filippone, of IAC

Thank you very much. I can truly say that the Traffic shows have changed my life and in fact part of the reason that I am not attending is because of the monumental impact that this show has made in my life and direction.


Anyone that goes to traffic that thinks it is just a convention is missing out on the greatest gift. Again, thank you.

Roy Messer,,,

You were correct I have discovered info that should increase my revenue by a minimum of 10%-info I gathered here at Traffic2004. The personal contacts I made with various individuals has much value in several aspects. Friendship, sharing info and feeling comfortable with the trust factor, etc.

Attilio Tonelli, San Miguel, Mexico

There are many things to analyze and discuss on next months to reach a real difficult goal, almost a miracle I would say, that is to make TRAFFIC 2005 more successful than TRAFFIC 2004.

Grant Keiser, Los Angeles, California
Grant Keiser

For whatever financial success it may have been, it was even more successful for the chemistry – the flow of good feelings between fellow domain owners, as well as the flow of good will between "the industry people" and domain owners. Truly, I think a bridge was gapped between us and I got a real sense of camaraderie that developed. We (domain owners) and you (sponsors) are truly in this business together, and the concept of us all succeeding is a WIN/WIN proposition that YOU all definitely get.

Dan Cera, Domain Traider, Vancouver, Canada

Fantastic event and to all of the attendees who embraced and welcomed one another with open hearts and open minds. Never have I been in such a competitive arena where the competitors were more welcoming, respectfull and supportive of their competition. Amazing. It's simply amazing what all of you have to offer. So much knowledge and such a willingness to share.


Today I feel as though I've been through an Anthony Robbins like seminar and am transformed. I thought I "got it" before I came to Florida and I did "get it" to a certain degree but what I didn't realize is that there are even greater depths, levels of "getting it" eyes have been opened to a much wider and broader opportunity that exists in this space and it is because of you guys that that happened. Not only has my vision expanded but my beltline has expanded and inch or two as well, and Rick I hold you personally responsible.


To those of you in Vancouver, in Canada, in the US, Aussy, THANK YOU....thank you so much for everything.

Russ Goodwin, The Tidewinds Group

Any sense of elitism is EARNED and JUSTIFIABLE. Everyone at the show was on equal footing - attending based on the merits of their domain portfolios and their conduct on the various boards. It was great to see that offline discriminators like age, race, religion, and economic background didn't come into play at all. You're crazy if you don't attend next year's conference.


Even people who weren't there will benefit when the various sponsors, registrars, and other providers return to work and implement the great suggestions we all put forth. This conference was a landmark event and will produce benefits for everyone throughout the industry.

John Berryhill, Ph.d., Esq. –

Seriously, the food was great.


The hard part was actually eating anything, because I don't think I've ever spent as much time continuously engaged in fascinating discussions.

Mike Fiol,

Overall: I respect and admire all of you, in different ways. I learned so much from your approaches, your attitudes and your ambition. It is truly a group of pioneers. I have been revitalized thanks to you and I truly look forward to our next soiree. Special thanks to each and every one of you.


And again, big props to King and Howard, for first having the vision and then for turning it into a huge success. You guys deserve an award :o)

Adam Weiss, Affiliate Development Manager, LinkShare Corporation

I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity to attend Traffic 2004 last week in Delray.


I learned a ton about your industry and the information, speakers, and participants were all an invaluable resources to me. Again -- thank you for opportunity, I truly learned a lot and I'm looking forward to next year!

Jerry Nolte Jr.

I wanted to thank You again for organizing and putting on such a GREAT conference. You can count on us for the next one for sure.


Jerry Nolte, Jr.


MercuryLink Online - International ISP, Internet Traffic Signal - Internet PPC advertising, Tri State Computer - Hardware Sales & Service

Jeff Reynolds,
The conference far surpassed my expectations. The goodwill, generosity and good old-fashioned friendship permeating that hotel was amazing. You guys are a very special bunch of people and this conference had a profound impact on me personally and professionally. I came home re-energized and most of all, thankful for what have built here.
Chris, Sportacle

THANK YOU very much for facilitating, working so hard, busting your ass, and bringing to fruition yours and Rick's dream of Traffic 2004!

Adam Strong, Strong Inc.



Thanks again for putting together a great event. I am extremely grateful for your hard work and determination that you put forth in this event and towards the industry as a whole.


Thank you

Richard Kirkendall
I'd like to give a big thanks to Rick and Howard for putting this show on. You guys really did put together an impressive group of people. I don't think anyone else could have accomplished that. To everyone else thank you for making the show such a special one. I'm sure it's something none of us will ever forget and will be talking about for years.
Chuck Hatcher, Intervelop

I leave Delray Beach with a completely revised business plan and at least two possible solutions for every problem I face. I am very optimistic that the best days lie ahead in the very near future.


A big thank you to Rick and Howard for putting on the show, and I hope there are many more.

Robert Hoult,

Hi Rick - congratulations on a great event – it was fun for me to meet a bunch of Domainer's I'd been working with while for years, but had never met in person. We also had some very good meetings so I think it's great timing on your part to start getting the industry organized.

Alan Reid

Thank you Rick and Howard for the first class show! It couldn't have been done better and will be hard to match anything from now on. No doubt that this was a huge event that will have repercussions for years to come!

Michael Collins,

Hi Rick,


Thank you again for organizing a show for domain owners. I am glad that it was such a success.


We already mailed a check to reserve a place for us next year. I am sure that the things that I learned and the contacts that I made at TRAFFIC will help us in our continuing improvements at the new

Sean Scully, Internet Traffic Signal

Show was brilliant

Adam Sadowski, Infocapital Investments

Sorry if this sounds like I'm just piling on, but the show just blew me away.

Greg P. Abrell, Pres./CEO, Construction Publications, Inc./CPI Sites, Inc.

Hello Rick -


I just wanted to take a second and thank you and Howard for the wonderful show in Vegas. After many years in this industry, I am so proud to see such a great group of folks involved and such a professional seminar put on by you. This seminar was probably the largest step forward for our industry, as I have seen to date! Again - Thank You for all the hard work you put in to this for all of us.

Brian, Beach Farm Nine/



Traffic West was one of the top highlights of my 6 years of doing business on the Internet. Not only was it incredible to be around other folks that 'get it', but it was also a networking/financial windfall for me. You two have directly impacted my business and my life, and for that I am so grateful.

Sally Letzer,

Hi Rick,


I want to thank you for an incredible conference. Your hard work resulted in every detail being realized. You set the tone and the attendees responded. What a world class group of people you gathered together! I know that the shockwaves of energy resulting from all those great minds under one roof will reverberate for months and months to come. You should be congratulated for accomplishing your goals.

Ian Andrew CEO,

Hi Rick,


A quick note to say a huge THANKS for organizing such a great conference.


Looking forward to Delray!

Namit Merchant, Business Head, DirectI;



I just wanted to drop in a quick note to personally thank you for the opportunity of participating in TRAFFIC West. It was a truly amazing show and is proving to be extremely valuable for us. You guys did an amazing job putting everything together.


I had to fly down 10,000 miles for the conference and I would surely do it again :)

Maxine Appleby, Operations Manager –



I wanted to thank you for one of the best conferences I have attended in a long time. The networking was fantastic!...and the food was first class as well.

Rob Grant

Hi Rick & Howard,


Just a quick note of thanks to both of you for putting on such a great show. I spoke with many folks at the conference who made it abundantly clear how impressed they were with the caliber of the program and the speakers. I hope more people email you with their both deserve it as pioneers in this fledgling industry.

Ken McCarthy, CEO, Amacord, Inc.

Rick and Howard:


I've been attending Internet conferences since 1993. In fact, it appears that I sponsored and organized the first conference on the commercial pontential of the web ever held in 1994 (with Netscape, then called Mosaic.)


As a newcomer to TRAFFIC, I want you to know how thoroughly impressed I was by your Silicon Valley event. I learned a ton, met many absolutely first rate people, and had a great time.


Keep up the good work. I'd recommend TRAFFIC to anyone who is serious about the Internet marketing channel and wants to get the WHOLE picture.

Casale Media
Hello Rick and Howard:


First of all, let me say that I have been extremely impressed with the caliber of your events. I have been to numerous trade events over the years, and T.R.A.F.F.I.C. has been by far the best both in terms of content/attendee quality and organization. It is also the only event I've found thus far to actively and effectively utilize the art of networking. Never have I seen an event that is engineered in every respect to maximize contact between all attendees and exhibitors. This, in addition to your first class conference, was truly impressive for me as an exhibitor and sponsor of your event. To top this off, both of you (and your better halves), were extremely gracious, warm and accommodating in every respect. Thank you.


Kindest regards,


Joe, Patricia, Julia and all of us at Casale Media

David Warmuz, President,

TRAFFIC has by far been the most successful show to exhibit at for Trellian to date. I would say equivalent to 20 other shows combined in terms of quality leads, networking opportunities and revenues generated. Keep up the good work, in getting the right people together in one place!

Bob Luther,, Inc.

Hi Rick,


I just wanted to thank you for a great conference. I thought the keynote was terrific, I was furiously making notes on my little pad of paper.


It seems like every time I sat down next to a stranger at the meals, each person turned out to be a really good strategic contact for me. It was uncanny how that happened so many times at TRAFFIC WEST. The presentations were very good, the food was very good....but the networking contacts and conversations were alone well worth the costs of attending.


I am really looking forward to New York.
Ian Moray, Director, Media Development

Hi Rick,


It was a pleasure meeting and chatting with you at the Traffic conference in Las Vegas. Looks like you had an awesome show! Looking forward to NY.


I’m eager to begin monetizing your parked domains with our popunder advertisers as we discussed. Have time for a brief chat?

Alan Hack -President, Names Plus Marketing

Rick and Howard,


Thanks for another great Traffic show. I acknowledge you for bringing the best of the best in the domain industry together at your Traffic Shows. Each show I attend moves my business forward toward greater success. The contacts, ideas and resources that come out of Traffic are well worth the price of admission. This is the best investment I make in my business each year. I look forward to seeing you at the next Traffic show in New York.

Yossi Goldlust, Business Development, LookSmart



I just wanted to thank you again for making room for me @ the last moment @ T.R.A.F.F.I.C. last week. I had a great time and found this to be one of the most useful events I've been to. Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing you in New York or Miami this year :-).

Joe Laratro, Tandem Interactive - Trendy Online Marketing Solutions



I just wanted to send you a quick thank you! It was great presenting and being a part of the Traffic conference. That was my first foray into the domaining world. I was extremely impressed with the overall conference organization, content, and food.I received very positive feedback on my session. I would like to stay involved with the Traffic conference series and future events.



Matt Robson, Search Program Manager,


I’d like to thank you for bringing me the opportunity to speak and participate in Miami. The event was non-stop - I’m still processing the information and people I’ve met. I now see why this community has a networking experience that is unparalleled.


Going into the conference, I had somewhat of a long-term vision of how the industry would develop. Now, leaving the conference, I can see today’s opportunity staring me right in the face. Right now I’m working on some research on how domainers can approach the agencies who manage brands close to their niche.

Brian S. Taff, NameMedia, Inc.

Rick –


I hope you are well. I really enjoyed the Miami show this past month … I think it was the best yet.


Best regards

Julianne Weight,
Rick and Howard:


It's taken me this long to recover from the exhaustion of the conference. I can honestly say that I've never been to a conference that packed so much into so few days! Don't ask me why I didn't expect that - I saw the schedule well in advance. I can only imagine that the two of you - and your families - are nearly comatose.


I appreciate the catalyst you've created to bring the industry together and look forward to forging relationships with the people I've met this past week. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to meet you and the industry leaders.

Richard Douglas,

Howard, Rick,


Thanks again for the great show at NYC. I am sure you get a lot of this sort of stuff - but I really mean it.


I've not been to TRAFFIC before, but I have been to lots of other shows. I was very impressed by the quality of the show, the speakers and many of the attendees (grin). The show was easily the best one I attended this year.


A lot of your attendees are clients and friends and it was nice to see them again and also meet some face-to-face for the first time.


If you ever need any web hosting or high-traffic cluster advice or if you do a panel on such things at future shows, please let me know as I'd be happy to share my knowledge.


Thanks again, see you next year.







TRAFFIC Domain Conference and Expo

T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Domain Conference & Expo