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What's In A Name, You Ask?



So, you think a domain by any other name would be just as profitable? Try again. Profits are not so sweet unless you have the right name, and it has to be short, descriptive and written in the right order. So a single-word or a descriptive two-word domain is what you want. People type those into their browser. Anything longer, and you're talking about a search term, not a domain name!


Domains are land online. Real Estate! The better the name, the better the land, and the better the value. Let's face it, few people understand what makes a really killer domain. For those who understand, T.R.A.F.F.I.C. is for you.




It's about nouns, adjectives and verbs.

The following is taken from RicksBlog.com:

The number-one question I always hear is basically, "How do you pick great domain names?"


To that I can say it is all about nouns, adjectives and verbs. That is my guiding light for picking domain names. My foundation. The best domains other than one-word nouns, adjectives and verbs are two-word domains. A noun.com preceded by an adjective or a verb. So you can start with the base, which as an example would be Candy.com. This is the noun. Then the job of mining begins. How many different ways can you either describe candy or categorize candy? There are hundreds, if not more.


  • Candy.com
  • Hardcandy.com (Adjective, Noun)
  • Oldtimecandy.com (Adjective, Noun)
  • GetCandy.com (Verb, Noun)
  • Eatcandy.com (Verb, Noun)
  • SweetCandy.com (Adjective, Noun)


Dot Com Block


You can repeat this for every noun there is. However I focus on “Commercial” type domains. Items to purchase. Businesses to create. Sometimes the two word domain can trump the one worder because it is more specific. It is not limited to this but this is the foundation of how I mine. Verbs are great as well. Travel.com would be a verb domain. Then you could describe different ways of travel with an adjective or a noun.


So when you see unrelated words stuck together with a .com on the end…..that is NOT a domain name. I am not sure what it is. Great domains have certain elements. Finding them just depends how far down you want to drill. A domain like candy already has been mined and mined so little is left. But other NOUNS have not been mined to that degree. Pick a noun any noun. You are now on your way.


T.R.A.F.FI.C. Fort Lauderdale 2012 will take place Sunday, October 7 through Wednesday, October 10, at the opulent Ritz Carlton Fort Lauderdale Beach! The now-famous T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Cabanas will open up the weekend preceeding the show, starting Friday, October 5, 2011.




Domains Are REAL Investments


Much has been written about domains, domain name values and how domain investments stack up against more traditional instruments. Whatever your experience with investing, domains are the one unique financial vehicle that still provide the greatest capital gains and growth in valuation, when matched up against other investment options. Think about the cost of investing in any generic domain name. Compared with precious metals, stocks, bonds, and commodities, domains provide a remarkably easy entry and the potential for unlimited growth in value.


Comparing the Domain Value Index (INDX) to the NASDAQ 100


Chart code by Thies Lindenthal and INDX.com.


There are two critial things that should be apparent from this chart: Domain values bucked the stock market trends when the economic downturn began to take hold. While the domain value index was influenced by economic pressures during the Great Recession, domain names actually retained value ABOVE THE BASELINE valuation taken in January 2006. Stocks, on the other hand, did not.


The graph is so clear, it should be obvious the most stable investments available today are directly related to what you do online. And the first thing people do online is go to a domain!!!


Domains are land online. Real Estate! The better the name, the better the land, and the better the value. For those who understand what we're discussing, T.R.A.F.F.I.C. is for you.




Comparing .com-Valuations, ad spend & the Domain Value Index (INDX).


Chart code by Thies Lindenthal and INDX.com.


The critical thing to remember is T.R.A.F.F.I.C. is about pure-domain investments, not advertising. We are about people, people who have buying power, because that's what makes a sale. The more sales your domain can bring, the more value can be given your online property. The best properties are simple, targeted and easy-to-remember generic names.


The purpose of the ad-spend chart is to demonstrate how online marketing is gaining greater influence among the Madison Avenue types than at any time in history! As domains gain in value, their long-term return in the advertising arena also gains traction. This means the options for gaining value with your domains continue to grow in number and potency.





Noone can argue that the Domain Industry is at a cross roads. There is a new shiny object out there in the form of gTLD's, and everyone is looking. We will too. We will listen to what domainers see and don't see. But we can't ignore the FACT that we as a group have more information and knowledge about domain names than anyone. We know answers to questions many have yet consider. That has great value. We'll kick that ball around and see if any minds are changed.


And what is the fallout if consumer does not buy into it? What happens to all those that took the wrong fork in the road trying to invent the "Second coming"? I'll tell you. They will end up in our laps. It will be for the consumer to decide but the ONLY thing that is going to truly motivate him/her to go there willingly is new and different content that can't be found anywhere else. So far nobody has been able to do that. Name your DOT. That is even before we address the issue of confusion which is an even bigger issue. Folks fear the unknown. So to take the fear out, information is the cure.

It's time to get on board for T.R.A.F.F.I.C. 2012, hosted once again at the first-class Ritz-Carlton Hotel on Fort Lauderdale Beach.



"I watch folks and domainers chase what happened yesterday. What a waste!! You don’t chase yesterday folks, you set up shop on tomorrow and have them pour you a drink. You don’t CHASE, you WAIT! Because if you wait, it means you got there before them and you know they are coming. If you chase, that train already left the station and it may be never before the next train comes."


Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz 




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